Eclipse Keyple® 2.0.0 (C++ 22/07 Keyple) Release Review

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2.0.0 (C++ 22/07 Keyple)


10 months after the release of the Java implementation of Keyple 2.0, this new release is the C++ porting of the main components defined according to the same object-oriented model

Non-Code Aspects
Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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Keyple C++ supports the standardized terminal API defined by the Calypso Networks Association for ticketing terminal implementations (

  • C++ Reader API 1.0.0
  • C++ Card API 1.0.0
  • C++ Calypso API 1.1.0

About the multi-organizational aspect,

we had this year two external contributors (Charles Huet & Fabio Araujo ). We don't have yet external committers: I expect it in the coming months.

We also had a public external extension, external to the project:

we also get regular feedback from the community through issues from different repositories

Some users (only a part) of the solution are officially referenced: We know that some big transport operators and ticketing integrators are fully switching on Eclipse Keyple (migrations of thousands of terminals).

Until the end of September, we will remain focused only on the completion of documentation and guides. From October we will start a new development cycle to extend the functionality. We then plan to schedule quarterly meetings open to the community.