Eclipse IoT

The mission of the top-level project is to provide open source technology that will be used to build IoT solutions for industry and consumers. It will focus on:

  1. Standards and Protocols implementations that can easily be consumed by end solution developers as well as framework developers
  2. Frameworks and Services that abstract the complexity of hardware, communication and data stack manipulation
  3. Tools that facilitate the development of connected systems
  4. Solutions that build ready-to-run solutions based on the other building blocks

This document describes the composition and organization of the project, roles and responsibilities of the participants, and development process for the project.

Eclipse Distribution License 1.0 (BSD)

The content of this open source project is received and distributed under the license(s) listed above. Some source code and binaries may be distributed under different terms. Specific license information is provided in file headers and in NOTICE files distributed with the project's binaries.

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