Eclipse Keyple® 0.7.0 (Java 19/07) Release Review

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0.7.0 (Java 19/07)


keyple-java-core 0.7

  • SE Proxy API: generic universal interface to interface a smartcard reader; transmission of grouped APDU commands; observable reader notification
  • Transaction API: management of an explicit application selection on a reader; setting of a default selection operation on an observed reader
  • Known issues/limits
    • Allows the cast of ReaderPlugin & SeReader native classes: could cause a misusage of the API by ticketing application. A ReaderPlugin factory would be necessary for the setting of plugins to the SE Proxy Service.
    • The support for non-ISO Secure Element (memory cards) is limited.
    • Selecting an already selected SE raises a null pointer exception (#73). The re-selection checking has weaknesses (#51). A time-based mechanism should be added to avoid multiple selections.

keyple-java-calypso 0.7

  • Low level API: support of the main Calypso PO & SAM commands
  • Transaction API; management a Calypso secure session
  • Known issues/limits
    • the Calypso PO test in contact mode has yet to be performed
    • PO session has to be improved with automatic setting and security counter measures.  
    • Missing the Calypso CLAp automatic setting, the support of the PIN, Stored Value, Confidential session, & Data Signature features.

keyple-java-plugin-pcsc 0.7

  • Interface the Java SmartCardIO API
  • Known issues/limits
    • PcscPlugin has a public visibility.
    • In order to deal with a problem with the implementation of on Windows, we use a hack using reflective code that can induce new problems: compilation on the next Java platforms, strange behavior on other environments (Linux, embedded Linux) See

keyple-java-plugin-stub 0.7

  • Reader plugin emulator: allows to define virtual readers to operate the SE Proxy API without native readers.
  • Known issues/limits:
    • StubPlugin has a public visibility.
    • Some tests have a dependency with the Calypso library.

keyple-java-plugin-remotese 0.7

  • Plugin to communicate remotely with a Secure Element; definition of MasterAPI and SlaveAPI to enable Remote Procedure Call (RPC) between Keyple virtual reader terminals and Keyple native reader terminals. MasterAPI manages virtual reader that acts as a proxy to the remote reader.
  • Known limits in 0.7.0
    • RemoteSePlugin has a public visibility.
    • virtualReader#SePresent() API is not implemented
    • Functions to be renamed in accordance with the RPC standard

keyple-android-plugin-android-nfc 0.7

  • Plugin interfacing an observable reader operated through the Android NFC API.
  • Known issues/limits:
    • AndroidNfcPlugin has a public visibility.
    • Usage of 'fragment' to remove from the plugin code
    • SE remove detection capability added in Android 7.0 not yet supported.

keyple-android-plugin-android-omapi 0.7

  • Plugin interfacing static readers operated through the SIM Alliance / GlobalPlatform OMAPI.
  • Known issues/limits:
    • OmapiPlugin has a public visibility.
    • Usage of 'fragment' to remove from the plugin code
    • package API renamed from Android 9.0 not yet supported.


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