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Eclipse Keyple® 0.8.0 (Java 20/01) Release Review

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0.8.0 (Java 20/01)


Release train of the Eclipse Keyple java implementation:

  • keyple-java-core 0.8
  • keyple-java-calypso 0.8
  • keyple-java-plugin-pcsc 0.8
  • keyple-java-plugin-stub 0.8
  • keyple-java-plugin-remotese 0.8
  • keyple-android-plugin-nfc 0.8
  • keyple-android-plugin-omapi 0.8

The main evolutions concern the Core module:

  • To avoid misuse of plugins, now plugins have to be registered to the SE Proxy using plugin factories.
  • For observable readers, the sequence to detect an SE insertion, wait for its processing and for its removal has been fixed too.

All the plugins have been updated to take into account the factory setting and the SE status notifications.


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