Eclipse Keyple® 2.0.0 (Java 21/10) Release Review

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2.0.0 (Java 21/10)


No major feature has been added to previous Java Keyple 1.0.0.

The main evolution is a reorganization of the Java code in order to limit the dependency between Java Keyple components and to facilitate the maintenance.

  • Initially hosted in a single repository ‘keyple-java’, the components of Keyple Java are now split in 16 repositories. Each Keyple Java component is managed in a dedicated repository: then in the future each module will have the possibility to evolve in a specific version.
  • For each Keyple component, the public API and the corresponding implementation have also been separeted in different repositories (suffix '-api' or '-lib') to provide stability warranty in case of implementation internal refactoring.

Further, the Keyple implementation follows also now the Calypso terminal API standardized by the Calypso Networks Association.

The 'Plugin API' has been reduced to facilitate the implementaiton of plugins (internals elements are hidden).

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
  • Supports smart card reader solutions managing a single logical channel
  • Supports ticketing transaction based on Calypso card revision 3.1 or older
  • Supports the Calypso terminal API in version 1.0