Eclipse Keypop® 2023.11 Release Review

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This first release corresponds to the integration of the Java code of APIs for ticketing terminals defined by the Calypso Networks Association, which until now had not been hosted in an Eclipse project.

These APIs for ticketing terminals are those implemented by the Eclipse Keyple project.The version numbering of the components continues to be incremented in relation to the components before their integration into Eclipse Keypop.


Security Issues

no logic processing, just interfaces

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified

This project is compliant with the functional definitions of interfaces for ticketing terminals standardized by the Calypso Networks Association ( ).


This API project is being developed for ticketing operators, ticketing system integrators and manufacturers of ticketing terminals.

The Keypop APIs will soon be implemented by the Eclipse Keyple project, in order to improve the openness of the Keyple project.