Eclipse MRAA 2.2.0



This minor release adds new variants to existing platforms and requested community API extensions. Adds x86 SMARC platform fixes. Build toggles disable scripting node.js and python2 by default due to dependency and security issues. C and CXX builds can now be separated with toggle (BUILDCPP defaults ON). Mostly bugfixes otherwise. Proposed mock platform changes and some others need additional review thus targeted for next minor release.

Security Issues

Vulnerabilities reduced from 12 to 1 thanks to quick response from ADLink, they are aware of issue and working on fix.

Project has some high severity bugs (~20) that still need to be addressed.

Non-Code Aspects

No changes.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified
Usability Details

New platforms not UX tested.

End of Life

Some existing platforms might need to be removed from future versions of the project due to commercial EOL.


No changes.


API changes added based on community feedback.