Eclipse OneOFour 0.1.0 Release Review

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This is the first release of the Eclipse OneOFour project after detaching it from the the now archived Eclipse NeoSCADA project.

The code has been ported to a standard Maven project. It does not contain any significant code changes, only library updates and newly created legal and project documents.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
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First of All, I am so THANKFUL to having eclipse, best tool ever for java programming.

I don't have issue until know, early I used Microsoft Windows as my main OS, but now I use kali linux, I want to do Coding on it, but when I downloaded eclipse, I surprised about it's UGLY UI, I did every thing to make it similer to it's version in Windows (customizing, adding theme, etc...) , but it didn't change at all.

It has huge font, no compatible colors, no comaptive tab edge and etc, I hate every thing that it has.

PLEASE add a configuration option in installation time to be like windows verion or not.

I Wait for it in next version, Love you all <3


Note: I feel the factor is my kali linux UI, I tested in Ubuntu there is no issue, BUT I HATED UBUNTU TOO Ahhhhhhh :(

* It should be fixed if UI Designer team fix all font sizes color, in small words, it will be fixed if it independent from platform UI

Kali linux Version: 2020.4