LocationTech GeoMesa 3.0.0

The GeoMesa team is happy to announce GeoMesa 3.0.0!  This major release updates some key dependencies as well as removing some deprecations.  There are various minor API differences; the main API still uses the GeoTools DataStore API for most operations.

GeoMesa version updates / new versions supported

* Hadoop 3.x

* HBase 2.x support added (HBase 1.4.x still supported)

* Accumulo 2.0 support added (Accumulo 1.9.x still supported)

* Apache Arrow 0.16

* GeoTools 23 (which matches with GeoServer 2.17)


* GeoMesa Coprocessors can be configured to yield ‘partial results’

* GeoMesa Coprocessors can be enabled / disabled individually


* Testing on Accumulo with S3

* Switched unit tests from using MockAccumulo to MiniAccumuloCluster


* Cleaned up Arrow memory usage

* Small enhancement in SFCurve which allows for improved range management

Notable Removals:

* GeoMesa's raster support

* GeoMesa's 'Native API'

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Release Type
Minor release