Eclipse Capra

You can find the documentation of Capra on the project's wiki pages.


Eclipse Capra is a dedicated traceability management tool that allows the creation, management, visualisation, and analysis of trace links within Eclipse. Trace links can be created between arbitrary artefacts, including all Eclipse EMF model elements, all types of source code files supported by the Eclipse Platform through specialised development tools, tickets and bugs managed by Eclipse Mylyn, and all other artefacts for which an appropriate wrapper is provided. Capra is highly configurable and allows users to create their own traceability meta-model.

Compared to other similar projects such as Eclipse ReqCycle which may have similar features, Capra is not a modelling tool or a tool for requirements management. All functionality is focused on providing traceability capabilities, i.e., the ability to create and visualize links between artefacts modelled in different domain-specific languages. This allows the architecture to be highly modular and the tool to be extremely customisable as described below.

Name Date
0.8.2 2021-05-05
0.8.1 2020-12-23
0.8.0 2020-07-01
0.7.1 2019-08-22
0.7.0 2019-06-05
Name Date
0.8.0 Release Review 2020-07-01
0.7.0 Release Review 2019-06-05
Creation Review 2016-07-27