Eclipse EATOP

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Eclipse EATOP is an Eclipse-based implementation of the EAST-ADL standard, which is a domain specific architecture description language (ADL) established in the automotive industry.

EATOP will be focused on providing the following main features:

  • Implementation of important versions and revisions of the EAST-ADL meta-model in EMF
  • Serialization/deserialization of EAST-ADL models/files conforming to the EAST-ADL XSD schema
  • A tool platform and an exemplary basic IDE experience for creating, managing, editing, validating, transforming or otherwise processing EAST-ADL models in the Eclipse workspace.

EATOP is intended to support the work of the EAST-ADL association by providing an Eclipse-based tool platform implementation for the EAST-ADL standard. Up to now, there have been multiple initiatives to create Eclipse-based implementations of EAST-ADL which led to a quite cluttered and redundant tool landscape. The goal of EATOP is to reconcile these initiatives, consolidate the different implementations and shape like a reference implementation of EAST-ADL under the umbrella of this new Eclipse project.

Due to the complementary nature and close relation between EAST-ADL and AUTOSAR, EATOP will be closely aligned with Artop. Most important, EATOP will be based on the Sphinx modeling tool platform to enable a maximum of interoperability between EAST-ADL and AUTOSAR tools as well as the creation of integrated tool chains that cover both standards and support a seamless transition between them.