Eclipse Layout Kernel 0.6.0



Besides the usual heap of bug fixes and small enhancements, this release brings major new or improved features for both, users and algorithm developers:

  • ELK Layered's routing of self loops had major issues in release 0.5.0 and was thus completely re-implemented for this version.
  • Rectangle packing layout algorithms, while added to the code base in 0.5.0, are now distributed to our users.
  • Layout algorithm developers benefit from a project template which will automatically add all required files to a new project.
  • Our debugging views have seen major improvements and new features, including a new logging framework and a corresponding view to inspect logs.
  • Our unit testing framework was completely re-implemented and is now actively running unit tests against sample graphs each night.

Some changes may cause clients to break and may change layout results.

A list of tackled issues and accepted merge requests can be found on GitHub.

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