Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge 0.10.0

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Release Date: 
Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The artefacts of the project comprise:

  • An EDM core update site that includes
    • A base feature that provides a diff/merge engine for arbitrary sets of EMF model elements, a GUI for representing and merging differences, and an integration with Eclipse Team mechanisms.
    • A feature that extends the above for GMF.
    • A feature that extends the above for Sirius.
    • A feature that provides integration with EGit.
    • An SDK feature that includes all of the above plus the corresponding source code.
  • A Pattern update site that includes
    • A Pattern feature with source code that provides
      • An engine for creating, applying and reusing modeling patterns.
      • A GUI that makes the former usable by end users in Eclipse-based modeling tools.
    • A Pattern Sirius feature with source code that extends the above by leveraging Sirius technology for better usability and additional features.
  • A Co-Evolution update site that includes
    • A feature for merge-based model synchronization, covering the engine level and the GUI level.
  • A Patch update site that includes
    • A Patch runtime feature that makes it possible to create and apply patches for models.
    • A full Patch feature that extends the above with a GUI and examples.

This project takes profit of the incubation phase to improve its API. Nonetheless, the project API has essentially been extended in this release.


All user-level strings have been subject to the Eclipse string externalization mechanism.

Target Environments: 

The code has been tested with various OS, Java and Eclipse environments, from Eclipse Mars to Oxygen.

More flexible UI
A part of the UI is now optional, inter-view synchronization can be more finely tuned
Improved extendibility
The UI extension point now supports contributing a comparison implementation
Bug fixes
The most major bug concerns Git conflicting rebases
Slight performance improvement
In directed comparisons or any comparison with read-only sides, impact analysis is computed and stored only for the editable side
This release is part of 2018-09, and Eclipse Photon.