Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge 0.11.0

EMF Diff/Merge is a diff/merge tool for models. Its main purpose is to help build higher-level tools that need to merge models based on consistency rules. GUI components and higher-level tools, such as support for modeling patterns, model patches and model synchronization, are also provided. Typical usages include model refactoring, iterative model transformations, bridges between models or modeling tools, collaborative modeling environments, or versioning systems.

The main improvements in this release are:

  • At engine level
    • The ability to strongly separate compare time and merge time.
    • A few bug fixes, especially for 3-way comparisons.
  • At UI level
    • The unification of viewers for symmetrical and directed comparisons.
    • A mechanism for custom diff-based decorations.
    • A slight revamp of the GUI based on this mechanism.
    • Fine-grained comparison and merge of textual attributes.
Release Date
Release Type
Minor release