Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge 0.9.0

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Release Date: 
Monday, November 6, 2017

The artefacts of the project comprise:

  • An EDM core update site that includes
    • A base feature that provides a diff/merge engine for arbitrary sets of EMF model elements, a GUI for representing and merging differences, and an integration with Eclipse Team mechanisms.
    • A feature that extends the above for GMF.
    • A feature that extends the above for Sirius.
    • A feature that provides integration with EGit.
    • A feature that provides integration with Subversive (SVN).
    • An SDK feature that includes all of the above plus the corresponding source code.
  • A Pattern update site that includes
    • A Pattern feature with source code that provides
      • An engine for creating, applying and reusing modeling patterns.
      • A GUI that makes the former usable by end users in Eclipse-based modeling tools.
    • A Pattern Sirius feature with source code that extends the above by leveraging Sirius technology for better usability and additional features.
  • A Co-Evolution update site that includes
    • A feature for merge-based model synchronization, covering the engine level and the GUI level.
  • A Patch update site that includes
    • A Patch runtime feature that makes it possible to create and apply patches for models.
    • A full Patch feature that extends the above with a GUI and examples.



This project takes profit of the incubation phase to improve its API. Nonetheless, the project API has essentially been extended in this release.


All user-level strings have been subject to the Eclipse string externalization mechanism.

Target Environments: 

The code has been tested with various OS, Java and Eclipse environments, from Eclipse Mars to Oxygen.

Comparison update
The user now has the ability, through a dedicated menu item, to update a comparison from the editor. The startup dialog pops up, which allows to user to specify different comparison settings.
Upgrade to Sirius 5.1.
Evolutions of Sirius 5.1 are supported, especially the way diagrams are stored and referenced.
Slightly improved GUI
The startup dialog now proposes a clear direction for the merge operation. In version control contexts, the startup dialog does now show up unless the user starts an update. Tool tips are systematically provided. Default difference categories now provide a more relevant filtering.