Eclipse EMF Compare 3.2.0

EMF Compare 3.2.0 focuses on the user experience, mainly improving the user interface and the user feedback during or before merges. This version also pushes furter and enhances the team integration with the git provider.

Release Date
Release Type
Minor release
This release is part of Neon
Name Date Description
3.2.0M1 2015/08/18
3.2.0M2 2015/09/29
3.2.0M3 2015/11/10
3.2.0M4 2015/12/15
3.2.0M5 2016/02/02
3.2.0M6 2016/03/22
3.2.0M7 2016/05/03
3.2.0RC1 2016/05/17
3.2.0RC2 2016/05/24
3.2.0RC3 2016/05/31
3.2.0RC4 2016/06/07
3.2.0 2016/06/22