The Henshin project provides a state of the art model transformation language for the Eclipse Modeling Framework. Henshin supports both direct transformations of EMF single model instances (endogenous transformations), and translation of source model instances into a target language (exogenous transformations).


The Henshin language and toolset supports, among others, the following features:

  • Intuitive transformation language with a graphical syntax
  • Pattern matching and control-flow constructs with parameter passing
  • Support for endogenous and exogenous transformations
  • Natural treatment and efficient in-place execution of endogenous transformations
  • Arbitrary m-to-n exogenous transformations using a flexible generic trace model
  • Formal graph transformation semantics
  • Arbitrary mixing of different graph transformation styles (DPO/SPO)
  • Efficient interpreter engine based on constraint solving
  • Verification using state space tools


Latest Releases

From 2022-06-30 to 2010-03-12

Name Date Review
1.8.0 2022-06-30
1.6.0 2020-01-06
1.4.0 2016-06-17
1.2.0 2015-02-06
1.0.0 2014-07-30
0.9.10 2013-10-10
0.9.8 2013-05-28
0.9.6 2013-03-01
0.9.4 2012-11-06
0.9.2 2012-06-19
0.9.0 2012-04-15
0.8.0 2011-10-01
0.7.0 2011-02-15
0.6.0 2010-09-09
0.5.0 2010-03-12
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