Eclipse GEMOC Studio

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The scope of the Eclipse GEMOC Studio project is to provide generic components through Eclipse technologies for the development, integration, and use of heterogeneous executable modeling languages. This includes, among others:

  • metaprogramming approaches and associated execution engines to design and execute the behavioral semantics of executable modeling languages,
  • efficient and domain-specific execution trace services,
  • model animation services,
  • advanced debugging facilities such as forward and backward debugging (i.e. omniscient debugging), timeline, etc.
  • coordination facilities to support concurrent and coordinated execution of heterogeneous models

The project also intends to provide the GEMOC Studio as an Eclipse product, which eases the diffusion of the various technologies aforementioned through an integrated studio that also includes documentation, examples, and tutorials. The GEMOC Studio offers two workbenches (accessible with specific perspectives):

  • a Language Workbench: to be used by language designers to build and compose new executable modeling languages,
  • a Modeling Workbench: to be used by domain designers to create, execute, and coordinate models conforming to executable modeling languages.

Outside the scope of the project: applications of the framework to a given DSL or any component specific to a given DSL. The only exception will be for DSLs used for demonstration purpose that will be bundled as examples.

Creation Review2017-05-03