Eclipse Requirements Modeling Framework™ 0.12.0 Release Review

End Date of the Review Period

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This release focuses on improvements with respect to integration with other Eclipse projects, search and replace capabilities, documentation, test coverage and bugfixing:

  • The documentation has been migrated from the Wiki to a separate repository, and converted into Latex.
  • The infrastructure for context-sensitive help in dialogs has been created and some help content provided
  • Several features from the ProStep ReqIF Implementor Guide have been implemented, including:
    • Color-Coding attributes with the prefix "ReqIf."
    • Support of Conversation ID in Tool Extensions
  • lastChange attribute is now properly maintained
  • Improved separation of core and front end, in particular with respect to the registration of factories and ItemProviders
  • Search and Replace features:
    • Implementation of search infrastructure
    • Basic dialog for composing search (and replace) queries
    • User-friendly search dialog
    • Quicksearch (search-as-you-type)
  • Dealing with large cells in AgileGrid
  • Providing a "unified column" to improve the look from Specifications from DOORS
  • Ensuring compatibility from 3.8 - 4.4
  • Improving redndering of HTML view (now includes images from XHTML)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Better renderers and editors (e.g. for date fields and enumerations)
  • Roughly doubled unit test coverage (to ~900)
  • RMF is migrated to improved XML serializer from Eclipse Sphinx Project
  • RMF no longer blocks in case it reads ReqIF files that contain tool extension with unknown namespace uris