Eclipse ATL 3.5.0

Release Date

The release deliverables are the following:

  • ATL source code release, available as versions tagged "R3_5" in the project's Git repository.
  • ATL SDK (includes runtime and tooling components, with sources and documentation) (downloadable and update site).
  • ATL runtime binary distribution (downloadable and update site).
  • ATL examples (downloadable and update site).
  • ATL EMFTVM, an ATL VM dedicated to composed transformations (downloadable and update site).

Release milestones occur at roughly 6 week intervals and follow the Platform release milestone by the Kepler-established +2 delta interval. The final ATL 3.5 release will available simultaneously with the 4.4 release of the Platform and all the other Luna projects.

ATL may produce additional interim maintenance releases. Maintenance releases will only be published if they contain new fixes.


This release is part of Luna