Eclipse Papyrus for Real Time (Papyrus-RT) 0.7.2

Release Date

Bug fixes to address issues found

CDT editor integration


This release is completely compatible with previuos releases


Curently no support for internationalization (English only)

Target Environments

Tooling: JRE 1.7

Code generators and runtime : Linux , C++03



Dedicated User Interface for model edition and vizualization
No items.
  • Papyrus shall support the creation of CapsuleParts [472883] (target milestone: 0.7.0)
  • Creating a Capsule shall always create its composite structure diagram [469851] (target milestone: 0.7.0)

Code generators

Code generators from UML-RT models to source code
No items.
  • fatal error message UMLRTFrameService::controllerDeportUnbind [477968] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • Case mismatch in UMLRTTimespec [469218] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • ports should be accessed as fields instead of functions [474555] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • support signals with more than one parameter [478013] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • Validating a Papyrus-RT model using the RT CPP properties result in many errors [474153] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • SM generator exception on model with inheritance: doesn't handle redefinitions [476480] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • Ports with UMLRTLog protocol are not generated [476664] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • rtBound and rtUnbound ignored by code generator and have null owner [478001] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • UMLRTMessage error: base operand of '->' has non-pointer type 'const UMLRTMessage ' [478845] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • Replications sample model: cannot declare variable ‘top_c_Test_2vs1’ to be of abstract type ‘Capsule_Tester_1Portx2’ [469328] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • spurious compilation error in generated code [469520] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • The generator should set the default UMLRTS_ROOT environment variable in the generated makefiles [476667] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • Code generation makes assumptions about model structure that may be incorrect [476886] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • Implement code generation changes to support required system protocol renaming [477404] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • PingPong (V3) : user code reference to *rtdata, causes error on compilation [477491] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • StandaloneUMLRTCodeGenerator -p argument uses ":" as separator. Not so good for windows. [477993] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • PingPong (v5) segmentation fault [478908] (target milestone: 0.7.1)
  • Internal logging messages duplicated [477591] (target milestone: 0.7.1)


Runtime targeted by code generators and supporting execution on platforms
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