Eclipse Sirius 0.9.0 Release Review

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This will be the first release under the namespace and umbrella.

API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

The Sirius project used to be a commercial component developped and used for years. It's architecture is quite proven on the field and is extensible enough to adapt to very different use cases: from the tooling integrated into the Eclipse IDE to the RCP-like app dedicated to domain experts.

That said, we have plans to evolve plug-ins structure before the 1.0 release to enables even more re-use. You can see this effort documented on the wiki.

Security Issues

Sirius is not storing credentials or having security related features.

Non-Code Aspects


The Sirius project is built from the Sirius HIPP instance using Tycho/CBI.

Code Quality

Common formatter and compiler configuration used throughout the whole project's plug-ins.

Checkstyle activated on most distinct plug-ins.

Eclemma used on a regular basis to ensure and improve code coverage from the unit tests.

Yourkit java Profiler used on a regular basis to improved performances and avoid bottlenecks.

Findbugs launched on a regular basis to avoid detectable bugs.


Is published on the website and integrated in the Eclipse online help.

Unit Tests

4000 Unit and SWT bots tests are currently being prepared to go through the Eclipse IP process. In the meantime they are launched internally on top of the Sirius builds.

Usability Details

Sirius is conforming to the Eclipse user interface guideline.

End of Life

Verison 0.9 is the first release under the Eclipse umbrella. It contains the same features as the latest version of Viewpoint (as the project was called before), so that this release can serve as a "pivot" for users of Viewpoint to migrate to Sirius. The APIs are also logically the same, although all the plug-ins and package names have changed with the project renaming.

The only feature removed in this release is the possiblity to print tables; it was removed because the feature depends on code from another Eclipse project (Nebula Paperclips) for which there is no official release yet (see It should be re-enabled in future versions of Sirius as soon as Paperclips has a release we can consume.


Sirius is not implementing any kind of standard though works nicely with any standard based metamodel.


Talks related to Sirius were given  at: 

EclipseCon EU 2013

  • Turning Eclipse into an Arduino programming platform for kids 
  • Sirius: Changing the Game of Systems Architecture
  • Sirius By Example: Build Your Own Diagram, Table and Tree Editors in 20 Minutes
  • EcoreTools 2.0: The Making-Of

EclipseCon FR 2013

EclipseCon NA 2013

Sirius was also presented at the Eclipse booth during Devoxx 2013.

Release Review