Eclipse Sirius 4.0.0 Release Review

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This major release will be part of Eclipse Neon (4.6).

Sirius aims at providing specific multi-view workbenches through graphical, table or tree modeling editors. Users can easily define their own modeling workbench, even with very little technical knowledge of Eclipse, while still being able to deeply customize it when needed.

The project provides a runtime and the associated tools required to describe, test, and distribute these workbenches on top of the Eclipse platform.


The Sirius 4.0 release focuses on:

  • addition of a major new feature which allow the definition of properties views with the same ease and flexibility as for Sirius diagrams. This major feature appears as a preview in 4.0 and should be ready for prime time for 4.1 (planned around October 2016);
  • support for localization of Sirius-based diagrams (this completes the I18N work started with 3.1 which supported localization of the Sirius UI itself);
  • performance improvements several areas;
  • improved diagram rendering, especially for SVG-based shapes and for diagram export,
  • many bugfixes.
This release is part of Neon