Eclipse UML Generators

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The initial contribution provides five generators:

  • UML2Java: It  converts Class and State diagrams into Java code.
  • UML2C: It converts Class and State diagrams into C code.
  • C2UML: It reverses C code into a UML model.
  • UML2RTSJ : It converts Structure Composite, Class and State diagrams into Java code based on RTSJ (Real Time Specification for Java).
    • The generated code is organized according to a Components Based Architecture.
    • The UML model is enhanced by a UML profile to add real-time properties and it is decorated by a DSL to specify the kind of communication between each component.
  • Java2UML: It reverses Java code to a UML model.

The scope is any generator which consumes or produces UML models.

Note that a list of requirements like tests, quality, coding styles, architecture, documentation will be established to define acceptance rules of other contributions.