Eclipse UML Profiles Repository 0.9.0 incubation Release Review

End Date of the Review Period: 

Reviews run for a minimum of one week. The outcome of the review is decided on this date. This is the last day to make comments or ask questions about this review.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

0.9.0 incubation


This will be the first release of UPR in incubation stage. This release is planned to be a very stable release, so a following graduation release 1.0 should be fully compatible.

At least the following profiles are planned to be part of the release:

  • UML Testing Profile
  • SoaML Profile
  • DEPL Profile

Review phase starts with November 12.

Architectural Issues: 

For the current release we don't see big architectual issues. But so far not all profile implementations developed at Eclipse are part of UPR. In future versions we want to become the single repository for all UML profiles at Eclipse (except the UML Standard Profile).

We also descided to also host proprietary UML profiles in future. For this case we need to discuss repository structure, build architecture and update site structure to destinguish between standardized and proprietary profiles. But these are issues for upcoming releases.

Security Issues: 

There are currently no known security issues with regard to UPR.

Non-Code Aspects: 

Since we provide a repository for UML implementations, the Eclipse UML2 documentation and Papyrus documentation with regard to profile handling apply. For short information on the implemented profiles, we added a Wiki Page:

Detailed information on the profiles themselfs are documented in the standards which are implemented.

We did manage to get an article on UPR published in the German magazine "Eclipse Magazin":

If we also include proprietary profiles in the future we will have to add documentation for these.

Since this is the first release of UPR there are no older artifacts that needed updates.

Usability Details: 

The profiles are used in UML tools such as the UML2 tree editor or Papyrus. The UPR project does not provide UI code itself.

End of Life: 

There are no APIs that were declared EOL, because this is the first UPR release.


Implemented standards:



We provide support for Eclipse Papyrus, so that the profiles can easily be used within this tool. This will make it easier for the the modeling community to pick up our profile implementations.

We want to promote UPR to profile developers both in the Eclipse and OMG community. Therefore we want to participate e.g. in Eclipse Demo Camps after the first release. Due to our work on UTP we also have connections to the OMG, allowing promotion there.

Interaction with other Eclipse projects

Since we want to be the single source for UML profiles at Eclipse we need to communicate with other projects to move existing profile implementation to UPR. So far, this is done by direct communication with the other project's developers.

Interaction with the OMG

Since we implement profiles standardized by the OMG, we need to interaction with the organization. In case where we are part of the specification process (such as for UTP), we can directly address technical and semantic issues in the working group during specification. When we implement profiles that are part of finished specifications, we raise issues (using the OMG issue/bug reporting form) for the specification where we see problems. This was e.g. done in case of the DEPL profile implementation.


UPR developers usually communicate via the UPR dev mailing list or in person in the contributing companies/institutes. Communication to potential contributers so far was done by direct mail communication. We may think about opening an own category in the Eclipse forum to have a more open channel of communication with users and potential committers.