Eclipse VIATRA 1.5.0

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This release targets these issues.
= resolved/fixed
= unsolved/reopened
Viatra (62)
Common (3)
  • 504721 MWE2 workflows require Java 8 in Oomph [resolved/fixed]
  • 504719 Include VIATRA in the Oxygen release train [resolved/fixed]
  • 508569 A lot of missing "about.html" files. [resolved/fixed]
DSE (10)
  • 492437 Optimize the DSE transformation statements for different exploration strategies and use cases [closed/fixed]
  • 503318 Maven support for DSE [resolved/fixed]
  • 505878 Satisfatcion of a hard objective should not modify the fitness value. [resolved/fixed]
  • 506895 Transitive EMF dependencies missing for DSE Maven artifacts [resolved/fixed]
  • 507581 Refactor genetic operators not to calculate fitness for duplicate child [closed/fixed]
  • 507586 Debug information on every iteration [resolved/fixed]
  • 507605 Genetic stop condition for max number of evaluation [resolved/fixed]
  • 507665 Store solution trajectories in hash set [resolved/fixed]
  • 508403 Incremental storage of activation codes [resolved/fixed]
  • 508766 TrajectoryCostSoftObjective throws NPE [resolved/fixed]
Integrations (1)
  • 507456 EVM integration for JDT incremental builder [resolved/fixed]
Query (38)
  • 398769 Long - integer comparison problem [resolved/fixed]
  • 398792 Extended import syntax [resolved/fixed]
  • 441341 Refine creation of pattern call search operations [closed/fixed]
  • 487012 Local search planning time depends on model size [closed/fixed]
  • 493140 Functional dependency information lost through pattern call boundary [resolved/fixed]
  • 493256 Improve query performance for filtering based on constant literals [resolved/fixed]
  • 497766 Operation compiler reuse may cause problems due to internal state [closed/fixed]
  • 501467 Implement toString operations for LS operations [closed/fixed]
  • 502052 Query observables leak RuleEngine instances [resolved/fixed]
  • 503335 Review Javadoc generation warnings [resolved/fixed]
  • 505765 Add a manual pattern parsing api to the patternlanguage.emf plug-in [resolved/fixed]
  • 505991 Make query hint system type-safe and composable [resolved/fixed]
  • 506600 It should be possible to inject expected adornments for preparation via hints [resolved/fixed]
  • 501053 Enhance local search implementation [resolved/fixed]
  • 506069 ViatraQueryEngineOptions.Builder.withDefaultHint() does not cause default backend factory to be set [closed/duplicate]
  • 506599 LocalSearchResultProvider shall request planning of dependencies during creation [resolved/fixed]
  • 506678 LS cannot calculate cost of Pattern calls [closed/fixed]
  • 507025 Content assist insertion for EPackages adds extra quote [resolved/fixed]
  • 507052 true is interpreted as false [resolved/fixed]
  • 507331 PConstraintInfoInferrer shall take parameter directions into account [closed/fixed]
  • 507459 First prototype of hybrid pattern matching [closed/fixed]
  • 507460 Provide a simple profiler for local search executions [resolved/fixed]
  • 507461 Provide a simple profiler for local search executions [resolved/duplicate]
  • 507723 GenericEMFPatternPQuery does not include the specified hints [resolved/fixed]
  • 507760 ClassCastException when receiving notifications from unsettable features [resolved/fixed]
  • 507770 Allow Structural Feature filtering in BaseIndex [resolved/fixed]
  • 507777 Engine options should use backend factory from hint [resolved/fixed]
  • 507787 Extensions are ordered randomly in plugin.xml [resolved/fixed]
  • 508046 Less specific type warning for paramter type when there are multiple bodies [resolved/fixed]
  • 508047 EDatatype parameter type info marker and proposed quick fix [resolved/fixed]
  • 508113 LS planner should not try to iterate not-enumerable types [closed/fixed]
  • 508181 Usage of unbound variable in eval expression is not detected [resolved/fixed]
  • 508378 viatra-maven-plugin should not need additional dependencies to metamodels [resolved/fixed]
  • 508208 Parameter type information lost in generic (not generated) PQueries [resolved/fixed]
  • 508896 BasicIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown in the presence of recursive queries [resolved/fixed]
  • 508924 Local search matcher substitution calculation causes unnecessary matcher creation [resolved/fixed]
  • 509088 Query Engine fails to distinguish default (engine, query) hints from invocation-specific overrides [resolved/fixed]
  • 509090 Rete backend uses default (engine, query) hints only, ignores invocation-specific overrides [resolved/fixed]
Transformation (10)
  • 481128 Add support for querying the number of transformation rule activations. [resolved/fixed]
  • 493206 Transformation debugger should display the state of model instances [resolved/fixed]
  • 498780 Transformation Debugger should support inter-JVM communication [closed/fixed]
  • 504060 Implement properties view support for debugger model instance viewer [resolved/fixed]
  • 504063 Create an option for setting transformation debugger target port [resolved/fixed]
  • 505629 Fix VIATRA transformation debugger breakpoints [resolved/fixed]
  • 505647 Improve the look and feel of the VIATRA transformation debugger launch tab. [resolved/fixed]
  • 505770 Define VIATRA debugger runtime component [resolved/fixed]
  • 505764 MT debugger [resolved/fixed]
  • 509336 Transformation debugger breaking bugs [resolved/fixed]