Merge EMF-IncQuery and VIATRA

End Date of the Review Period

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Considering the close relation of the EMF-IncQuery and VIATRA projects (both in terms of common committers and technological dependencies), we are proposing to combine the renaming with a restructuring that involves merging EMF-IncQuery into VIATRA and introducing a new component structure.

The only major drawback of this restructuring will be that we will break the API compatibility for the existing users of EMF-IncQuery. For this reason, we plan to provide a migration assistant feature that can be used by our users to upgrade their existing projects automatically, similarly to what we have already built for previous versions of EMF-IncQuery.

The EMF-IncQuery project will merge into the VIATRA project, and will be referred to as VIATRA Incremental Queries. As part of this restructuring, the VIATRA project will graduate and the EMF-IncQuery project will be terminated.