Mylyn Docs Intent 0.9.0

Release Date
  • Mylyn Intent : Intent generic components and authoring environment (editor, compiler, synchronizer...). Notice that it can be used in RCP mode as it is independant from core.resources
  • Mylyn Intent - Workspace support: Required to make Intent work on an Eclipse workspace (specific views, project wizards...)
  • Mylyn Intent - CDO support: Required to make Intent work on a CDO repository (specific views, project wizards...)
  • Mylyn Intent Connector: Java: allows to directly drop java files/classes/methods inside an Intent doc an synchronize them
  • Doc generators For Wikitext : A set of generators for Wikitext documents (Latex, html...)
  • Doc generators For Intent document : A set of generators allowing to export an Intent Project to several formats (HTML Bootstrap...)

As Intent is still in incubation, we do not plan to keep 0.8 API. Au contraire, we mean to refactor the existing API to provide a clean and existble framework, so that the 1.0 release will be as stable in term of API as possible.

Target Environments

Mylyn Docs follows the target environment guidelines of the Mylyn project.

This release is part of Luna