Eclipse Oniro for OpenHarmony

Eclipse Oniro for OpenHarmony is built upon the foundational layers of OpenHarmony, an open-source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation. OpenHarmony is known for its distributed OS features that cater to a wide range of smart devices, regardless of their size. Oniro extends OpenHarmony code base with add-ons for the European and Global markets, such as ReactNative support, Eclipse Theia based IDE, Servo web engine, and more that are coming.

At its heart, Oniro for OpenHarmony is committed to providing seamless interoperability, modularization, and an intuitive, visually appealing user interface. As a versatile platform, it offers comprehensive support for a variety of global technologies and applications across multiple sectors, including Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Industrial IoT, Smart Home, and Multimedia.

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