The Distributed Operating System That Connects Consumer Devices Big and Small

Eclipse Oniro Core Platform

Eclipse Oniro Core Platform™ is an open-source project aimed at reducing fragmentation in the consumer and IoT device industry which is interoperable with OpenAtom Foundation's OpenHarmony project

Eclipse Oniro Blueprints

Creating blueprints has many advantages for the Oniro Project. Some of them are outlined below. Provides a way to demonstrate Oniro features and technology using functional IoT device examples

Eclipse Oniro for OpenHarmony

Eclipse Oniro for OpenHarmony is built upon the foundational layers of OpenHarmony, an open-source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation. OpenHarmony is known for its distributed

Eclipse Oniro Compliance Toolchain

Eclipse Oniro Compliance Toolchain implements a Continuous Compliance workflow for Oniro repositories. The goal is to continuously scan (through ScanCode and Fossology) the source code of all first