g-Eclipse Technology Project 1.0.0

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The g-Eclipse project aims to build an integrated workbench framework to access the power of existing Grid and Cloud infrastructures. The framework will provide tools to customize Grid users' applications, to manage Grid resources and to support the development cycle of new Grid applications. The same applies to Cloud Computing.

The project will aim for general Grid workbench tools that can be extended for many different Grid middlewares (such as gLite, UNICORE, Globus toolkit) and interfaces to Cloud Computing, starting with implementations for the gLite middleware and the Amazon webservices (S3, EC2). The project will use existing Grid and Cloud infrastructure from projects like EGEE or Amazon

After the project, access to the power of Grid and Cloud infrastructures will be more intuitive and simpler than it is possible nowadays.

  • Grid and Cloud application users will be able to access the Grid and Cloud with standardized, but customized user-friendly interfaces
  • Grid resource providers can reduce the cost of operation while the complexity of the Grid is reduced with supporting tools
  • Grid application developers will be empowered to speed up the development cycle of new Grid applications
Release Date: 
Wednesday, December 9, 2009