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The Gemini JPA project provides the ability to leverage JPA persistence in a modular environment. It is the continuation of the Reference Implementation for the JPA chapter of the OSGi Alliance Enterprise Specification, and layers above EclipseLink to offer a compliant JPA provider.


Gemini DBAccess is not necessary, but is highly recommended for EclipseLink to be able to read and write through the JDBC driver without it having to be embedded in the application. Please contact the Gemini DBAccess project team if you are using a database that is not currently supported by Gemini DBAccess.


EntityManagerFactory objects for persistence units are available as OSGi services. Configuration admin service integration and EntityManagerFactoryBuilder services are supported for more dynamic requirements.


The usual persistence.xml descriptor files and orm.xml mapping files may be used to configure your persistence units. Only one additional manifest header is required to enable your application for Gemini JPA.


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From July 27th, 2011 to September 6th, 2013

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