Eclipse Gyrex Project

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We use Git. Our repos are hosted at and mirrored on GitHub. Contributions can be submitted directly to Gerrit or via GitHub pull requests.

Make small logical changes.

Provide a meaningful commit message.

Review and follow the Eclipse Due Diligence Process

Review and follow the current guidelines:

Source Repositories: 
You can use the code from these repositories to experiment, test, build, create patches, issue pull requests, etc. This project uses Gerrit Code Review; please see contributing via Gerrit.
gyrex/gyrex-server -

Clone: git://

gyrex - Project repository hosted on GitHub.


gyrex-server - Project repository hosted on GitHub.


gyrex/examples/gyrex-bugsearch -


gyrex/examples/gyrex-fanshop -


gyrex/examples/gyrex-hello-cloud -


Build Technologies: