Eclipse Riena 6.1.0

Release Date

Riena 6.0 runs on Eclipse 3.x, Eclipse 4.x and on RAP 3.0. Its no longer a plan to support Nebula components again (removed in 5.0SR1)


Riena's APIs are currently stable. We do not intend to break APIs on the way to the 6.1 release. 

API are considered all exported packages that are not marked as


in their Export-Package declaration.


Riena uses Eclipse internationalization support whereever it applies for its own components

Target Environments
  • Eclipse-based RCP 4.5/3.8 Applications
  • Eclipse-based RAP 3.0(Web) Applications
  • Equinox-Based Runtimes (e.g. Equinox servers)


Name Date Description
6.1.0.M3 2014/11/14
6.1.0.M4 2014/12/19
6.1.0.M5 2015/02/06
6.1.0.M6 2015/03/27
6.1.0.M7 2015/05/08
This release is part of Mars, Neon