SMILA 1.3.0

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Main features planned for this release:

  • Solr 4 integration/clustering: Solr 4 provides new features and capablities for clustering. SMILA search functionality can benefit from the new features. When setting up SMILA in a cluster, Solr can now be set up in a distributed way.  
  • Scripting engine for synchronous workflows: Provides an (additional) alternative to BPEL when dealing with synchronous processing. Main idea is to use (JavaScript) scripts and to call e.g. Pipelets or OSGi Services from within the script directly. Scripting will be faster than BPEL, more flexible and better useable, e.g. making it easier to manipulate the record or handle branch conditions and loops.
Release Date: 
Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Release Type: 
Minor release