Eclipse BaSyx 1.0.0 (JAVA) Release Review

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1.0.0 (JAVA)


The first release of the Eclipse BaSyx Java SDK & components includes full compatibility to the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) meta-model as described by "Details of the Asset Administration Shell (Part 1) v. 2.0.1". Additionally, it will include the Virtual Automation Bus for coupling heterogeneous communication systems and control components for device integration. Furthermore, it will provide several off-the-shelf components that can be utilized with little to none configuration effort to set up the Industry 4.0 AAS environment and the AAS itself.

Conforms To UI/UX Guidelines
Not verified

Details of the Asset Administration Shell (Part 1) v.2.0.1

This is the release of the Java SDK & Components. Please, review the code in the release_1.0_java branch.

The following projects will be part of the release:

- sdks\java\basys.sdk

- components\basys.components