Eclipse Collections 8.0.0 Release Review

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Eclipse Collections 8.0

Leverage features of Java 8. Eclipse Collections already uses Java 8 in test modules, but the main library targets Java 5 bytecode. By dropping support for older versions of Java, Eclipse Collections can benefit from new features and better integrate with the standard libraries.

  • Make Eclipse Collections functional interfaces extend Java 8 functional interfaces
  • Add new API methods that return Optional
  • Add Java 8 feature compatible APIs such as reducereduceInPlace,summarize{Int/Float/Long/Double}
  • Add Collectors2 utility class that contains Collector implementations that work well with Eclipse Collections types and algorithms.
  • Use default methods to reduce lines of code and jar size

Other change detail can be found in the milestone notes below.



API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".