Eclipse Collections™ 9.2.0 Release Review

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This is the 9.2.0 Minor Release which includes some critical bug fixes for concurrent and primitive collections, addition of new API based on user requirements, reducing tech debt. There are no breaking changes this release. All changes are backwards compatible.

This is also the Photon release of Eclipse Collections project.

This release is part of Eclipse Photon.

Critical bug fixes:

  1. Fix PrimitiveHashSet#iterator()#remove() to not rehash.
  2. Fix concurrent map iterator with size close to zero.
  3. Fix Primitive Hash Maps addToValue after rehash and grow.
  4. Fix equals() and hashCode() in IntInterval for edge cases.

New API/ Collections:

  1. Implement OrderedMapAdapter
  2. Implement chunk on primitive iterables.
  3. Implement newEmpty() on MutablePrimitiveCollections.
  4. Mark index methods non final, hashingStrategy protected, use newEmpty where appropriate.

Tech Debt Reduction:

  1. Fixed inspection violations.
  2. Enabled checkstyles for generated code.

New GPL Dependency added as works/builds with:

  1. jcstress:

This release will be a part of Eclipse Photon.

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