Eclipse DROPS


Eclipse DROPS delivers to Ops teams a single, centralized and open-source solution for managing, building and deploying applications that is wholly independent of the underlying technology being deployed.

Key components of the project include:

  • Eclipse DROPS Server - based on REST APIs communication and built on Equinox – the DROPS server:
    • Manages all the data, 
    • Supports all the configuration actions (Repositories, Users, Rights and Roles Schema, etc)
    • Executes, plans, delegates or monitors deployment operations
    • Interacts with external provisioning or instantiation solutions
    • Provides all the information required to generate statistics and reports
    • Proposes multiple extension mechanisms to interact with instantiation and provisioning solutions, external artifact repositories or technical target services.
  • The RCP-based Eclipse DROPS Studio that provides a rich GUI to manage all configurations and operations
  • The Eclipse DROPS-Agent- based on REST APIs communication, the agent is optional and used to remotely execute the deployment activities
  • A set of Out-of-the-Box starter scripts that could be used to define deployment processes
Name Date
Name Date
Creation Review 2022-11-02