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The heart of the Higgins project is an active client called a selector--a personal identity manager based on a visual card-wallet metaphor. These cards are called information cards, or i-cards.

A selector is an active client that manages your personal identity information. Information about you is represented as a set of electronic "information cards" (aka infoCards or i-cards). You can use these cards to login to i-card-compatible websites as well as to present other information about you. These cards contain a set of data fields (called "claims") about you, your preferences, interests. These cards can be created by you in the selector or downloaded from i-card provider sites. The selector client is integrated with your browser and runs on a computer or mobile device.

You can get information cards from card issuing websites and store them in this selector in much the same way you put business, library, loyalty and payment cards in your wallet.

  • By clicking on a card you can log into sites. No more passwords.
  • By clicking on a card you express yourself. No more filling in forms.
  • You can share cards with friends and businesses you trust.
  • Some cards create permanent connections to your friends, communities and businesses.

Higgins also includes sub-projects that provide the code to enable websites to accept i-cards and code to enable sites to issue their own, branded i-cards.

Latest Releases

From 2008-04-15 to 2008-02-21

Name Date Review
1.0.1 2008-04-15
1.0.0 2008-02-21
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