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Eclipse MDM@WEB

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The Eclipse MDM@WEB project covers components which are required to build a web client to work with data according to the ASAM ODS standard for reading and reporting purposes. It facilitates the interaction with servers following the ASAM ODS standard, file based exchange of (meta-)data, and provides a graphical user interface for browsing and handling the available data.

The scope of the project can be summarized as follows:

  • Modules for generic interaction with ASAM ODS server back-end.
  • Front-end for navigation in and search for measurement meta-data:
    • Pre-processing of data.
    • Rendering of data.
  • Interface for external measurement processing and analysis tools:
    • Handling of file references to raw measurement data.
    • Export to compatible formats (atfx, csv).
Creation Review2014-09-10