Eclipse Open Standard Business Platform

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The Open Standard Business Platform (OSBP) comprises a model-based, no-code and low-code software factory composed of extensible frameworks, tools and runtime environments for building, deploying and managing business applications across their lifecycles.

After 30 years of experience in object oriented development of ERP Software with several 10.000 users we have identified throughout the years reusable abstractions of business typical domains which can also be used in other software development areas. We have documented them amongst others in form of models which are persisted in DSL, customized if needed, transformed in source code for example Java which can be of course deployed.

Model driven and therefore more efficient and sustainable, with OSBP organizations can design their individual business processes using its customizable and extendable reference model with worldwide approved engineering methods either in no-code oder low-code as well as traditional software technology.

OSBP delivers a software factory, which allows to build business applications on basis of EMF models. This is accomplished through either code generation, or interpreting of models at runtime. The different layers within OSBP’s multilayered architecture are represented as models and persisted in DSL. This enables developers to create all kind of business applications that can be easily modified and extended to meet new requirements. OSBP’s concept thoroughly supports the development and maintenance of software applications at an industrial quality level.

With OSBP users can take advantage of built-in 30+ frameworks, covering practically all different aspects of engineering business applications: presentation, business logic, security, data management tasks, services, etc.

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