Eclipse Picasso: A free open-source visualizer for Convolutional Neural Networks

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The Picasso visualizer tool is an open-source deep neural network visualization tool. It can be used to understand neural nets' decisions in the field of computer vision.

The scope of Picasso is definded as per below:

  • Provide a web framework to connect DNNs trained in various frameworks (currently Tensorflow and Keras) to visualizations
  • Handle upload of inputs (images)
  • Provide some useful default visualizations, and a frontend for navigating them:
Additionally, we strive for:
  • Ease of working with new models
  • Ease of adding new visualizations
This is not a program for monitoring evaluation metrics or visualizating the computational graph itself.  Thus, functionality like that provided in Tensorboard is out-of-scope.
Creation Review2017-07-19