Eclipse WattAdvisor


Eclipse WattAdvisor provides a generic and simulative optimization model in combination with data preprocessing that focuses on the determination of cost-minimal sets of energy components that are able to supply the energy demand in a particular scenario.

From a technical perspective, WattAdvisor provides the formulation of the optimization model, including the energy components, together with data pre- and post-processing functions and necessary data models bundled in a Python library. The library should be ready to be used in a Python environment. Further interfaces are out of scope.

For each component of the set, the optimal dimensioning as well as the expected investment and operational cost are outputs. By simulative balancing of energy flows, the annual amount of energy produced per production component and the resulting amount of energy to be purchased from external sources are quantified.

The analysis performed by the Eclipse WattAdvisor is based on several inputs:

  • annual local energy demands for one representational year
  • maximum installable amount of different renewable energy sources
  • tariffs for the purchase of energy from external sources

Potential energy supply from renewable sources is calculated for one representational year based on historical, location-specific weather data that is automatically acquired in data preprocessing. Furthermore, it is assumed that considered energy demands and prices of energy tariffs do not change, neither quantitatively nor qualitatively.

To reach a high reproducibility and to solve the model fast and repeatedly under different scenario assumptions, the level of detail implemented in the formulation of the optimization model does not equal that of physically exact models. Therefore, the results generated by the project are not intended to be used as a construction plan to realize the components of the identified cost-minimal set. It rather serves as an estimation of the economic potential and a recommendation that is available without much manual effort to be taken into consideration by an energy consultant.


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Name Date
Creation Review 2024-01-31