Eclipse Buckminster Component Assembly

Eclipse Buckminster is a set of frameworks and tools for automating build, assemble & deploy (BA&D) development processes in complex or distributed component-based development. Buckminster allows development organizations to define fine-grained "production lines" for the various stages in software production - unit testing, integration testing, field deployment, staged migration, etc. - and to automate the execution of corresponding processes.

This project is part of Ganymede, Galileo, Helios, Europa
Latest Releases

From 2015-07-16 to 2009-04-01

Name Date Review
1.7.0 2015-07-16
1.6.0 2014-06-25
1.5.0 2013-02-22
1.0.0 2012-10-07
3.0.0 2009-04-01
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