Eclipse Buildship: Eclipse Plug-ins for Gradle 3.1.0

Release Date
  • Run tasks on synchronization
  • Run tasks on Eclipse build
  • Update Tooling API to 5.4
  • Use Import-Package instead of Require-Bundle for SLF4J

Compatibility with Gradle

As with all previous versions, Buildship can work with all Gradle versions supported by the Gradle Tooling API module. This release uses the 5.4 version, which can handle builds using Gradle 2.9+ and provides forward compatibility with future releases.

Compatibility with other Buildship versions

This release works seamlessly with workspaces set up by any previous Buildship 2.x versions.

API Compatibility

Buildship 3.1 does not break nor deprecate any APIs introduced in previous releases. 

Target Environments

Buildship 3.1 can run on Java version 1.8 and above.




New features
This release is part of Eclipse IDE 2019-06, Eclipse IDE 2019-09