Eclipse Target Communication Framework Move the "TCF Terminals" code to the TM Project

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

As part of the TCF Target Explorer, an enhanced Terminal View has been developed over the past couple years. With the addition of Local Terminal support for Windows, this view has gained considerable Community interest, and the difference (fork) between the original TM Terminal View and the TCF one has become a problem.

The proposed restructuring intends to bring back the TCF Terminals View into the TM project and merge it with the original TM code such that a single enhanced, unified Terminal View can be leveraged by all consumers.

Moreover, unifying the code will make it easier to consume for contributors.  The TCF Code to move resides under

and has no dependencies other than TM and Platform. The relevant IP Log resides at

The TM and TCF Project Leads and committers have confirmed that they both want this restructuring.