Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling) 9.3.0


Architectural Issues

We have a few systems that are duplicated legacy and new. We have the new Core Build system that should be a long term replacement for the Managed Build system. Until we can do everything with the new one, we have both systems remaining.

Same is true for the New Project wizard. We have a new C/C++ Project wizard which uses the new template engine. We should move all project wizards to this framework and remove the old template engine in favor of the new one which uses Freemarker.

Security Issues


Non-Code Aspects

Documentation remains under contributed and is likely out of date with new features that have been contributed and changes made to workflows and UI.

I18N remains in good shape with String externalization the accepted practice.

The web site needs a lot of work to make it a good landing page for the C/C++ IDE.

KitchwaCoders and Doug continue to blog about CDT to help raise visibility in the community.

Usability Details

The main Usability improvement for this release is the move of the Arduino Serial Console to use the TM Terminal. This is much less cumbersome and helps promote the TM Terminal as the standard Terminal View for Eclipse.

End of Life

Nothing is end of lifed at this point. Large swaths of CDT are unmaintained due to low contributions but we will endeavour to fix serious bugs that come up in those areas.


Support contiues to grow to support programming in new C++ standards. More of that in the New and Noteworthy.


CDT remains popular with user and adoptor communities, especially in the embedded space where there is still little competition.

We have had significant losses in our committer community. Sergey Prigogin has moved on to non Eclipse activities and Ericsson has withdrawn all of their committers.

Luckily Nate and the HSR gang under Thomas continue to work on our language support. Jonah and his gang from KitchwaCoders have picked up more work on the debug side. And Doug continues to work on the new Core Build with focus on Arduino, CMake, and Qt, and has reluctantly taken back releng responsibilities.

This release is part of Eclipse Oxygen