EGL Development Tools

The EGL Development Tools (EDT) project provides tools and resources for developing applications with the EGL programming language. It includes a set of development tools for the Eclipse Workbench, which adds editors, views, wizards, builders, and other features commonly found in an Eclipse IDE. The EDT project also includes an EGL language parser, compiler, and generators, which can be invoked via the tools (e.g. builders) or from the command line (e.g. for headless compilation and generation). In addition to these tools, the EDT project contains EGL part definitions (e.g. Libraries, Widgets, etc), which can be used when developing EGL applications.

Latest Releases

From 2013-01-18 to 2011-12-02

Name Date Review
0.8.2 2013-01-18
0.8.1 2012-08-01
0.8.0 2012-04-13
0.7.0 2011-12-02
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