EGL Development Tools


The scope of the EGL Development Tools project is restricted to:

  • First-class development tools for the EGL language, comparable in scope to the tools provided for the Java language by the Java Development Tools project
  • EGL language parser, compiler and generators, which can be invoked via the tools (e.g. by project builders) or command line (for headless compilation and generation)

Because the EGL language itself (including keywords and syntax) will be managed within the scope of the EGL Development Tools project, we solicit feedback from the community on how best to manage its evolution. A formal community-driven specification process may need to be established to support this function.

Name Date
0.8.2 2013-01-18
0.8.1 2012-08-01
0.8.0 2012-04-13
0.7.0 2011-12-02